Chiropractic Treatment for Headaches

Headaches are caused by different things and are experienced differently. Our team and staff at Innate Health and Wellness in Columbia, MO, can help you hunt down and eradicate the underlying causes of your headaches through wellness and chiropractic care.

Everyday Things that Trigger Headache Pain

Illness, stress, and genetic factors are many common causes of headaches. Within these categories are specific things that most likely have roots in spinal misalignment. The vertebrae in our spines come out of alignment over time through movement, impact, injury, poor ergonomics, strains, loads our bodies may handle regularly, and more:

  • Muscle tension in the upper back or neck
  • Accumulation of bacteria or viruses in the nasal, sinus, or eye regions
  • Food ingredients including artificial sweeteners and chemical food dye coloring
  • Work, family, medical, or financial pressures
  • Depression, anxiety, or other psychological wounds
  • Dehydration

Fixing a person's vertebrae alignment allows muscles to relax, tension to disappear, and the fluid between the cells to start moving freely again. This all combines to reduce the intensity and frequency of headaches.

Chiropractic Care Prevents Headaches

There are many ways a chiropractor can fix your headaches. The first step in finding relief is to do a thorough screening in our offices. We ask about your previous medical history, medications you're taking, supplements you use, exercise habits, what you do for work, and everyday movements you perform. We'll also test your range of motion and use X-rays to better understand what is out of alignment and where. Once we have this overall picture, we will work with you to create a custom treatment plan.

Modern chiropractic care works with your body's natural abilities and restores your range of motion. When your body is back in alignment, it starts working the way it was initially intended to. After a few sessions, you'll find that your headaches will reduce in frequency and their intensity significantly reduced. Treatments we may use to help your headaches include:

  • Spinal adjustments
  • Massage therapy
  • Spinal decompression
  • Hot and cold therapy
  • Electronic muscle stimulation
  • Specific exercises

Contact Our Trusted Columbia Chiropractor

Our team at Innate Health and Wellness in Columbia, MO, loves helping all members of our community to be pain-free, regardless of how long they've previously lived with pain from their headaches. You don't have to stay in pain or mask the symptoms regularly. Come to us to fix the underlying issue. Call today to make an appointment!

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