Tonal Chiropractic Care

Experience state-of-the-art chiropractic care.

At Innate Health and Wellness, you will experience top quality care. After beginning your treatment plan, you will be guided through your healing process, each step of the way.

Only the safest and most effective chiropractic methods will be administered to you, so that you can get back to living as soon as possible. 


Dr. Hagan specializes in: Upper Cervical Specific Care, MC2 Chiropractic Technic, Tonal Pediatrics, Logan Basic Methods, Activator Methods, Diversified Methods and Applied Kinesiology.


Using Tonal Chiropractic methods of analysis and adjustments, Dr. Hagan sees the best results with:

  • Neck Pain
  • Headaches
  • TMJ Discomfort
  • Chronic Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Athletic Injuries
  • Family Wellness


Your goals are our goals. 

Book now to get healthy and stay healthy. 


What is Tonal Chiropractic?

Tonal Chiropractic dates back to the 1800s, but has been highly refined in the last few decades. It is a system that allows Dr. Hagan to analyze the integrity of the nerve pathways throughout the body.

Imagine strumming a guitar. If one or some of the strings are out of tune, it throws the entire sound off. The same concept applies with your nervous system!

Using advanced training, Dr. Hagan carefully evaluates the tuning or the tone of your nervous system and if necessary, makes safe and specific adjustments to your nervous system. These adjustments vary from light manual force to more manual force, instrument based adjusting and fixed hand placements.


Golden Guitar

After receiving Tonal Chiropractic Care, we notice most patients show or report:

  • Better range of motion.

  • Enhanced athletic performance.

  • Increase in energy.

  • Better sense of self and well-being.

This means they experience:
Less pain and discomfort.Fewer headaches.Less stress.Fewer colds, flues, and sicknesses.Reduced healing time.

Tonal Chiropractic is incredibly essential to living a healthy life!

If you are ready to say YES to a better life, schedule a consult with Dr. Hagan to see if Tonal Chiropractic can benefit you!

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