Tonal Nutrition

When organs become depleted, toxic, or overactive, it can cause underlying health conditions that may or may not have symptoms. By assessing the neurological tone of each organ, Dr. Hagan is able to determine which organ(s) and their systems are dysfunctional. Once identified, Dr. Hagan will provide you with a matching supplement(s), dietary or regimen to improve your condition.


Using Tonal Chiropractic methods of analysis and adjustments, he is able to provide the right adjustment for each patient, whether a newborn or an athlete.

Tonal Nutrition 3D Model

Better performance, higher energy levels, and increased well-being.

Once the problematic organ(s) and their systems are
identified, Dr. Hagan is able to test for the targeted solution
which includes testing your body for specific nutritional


By choosing Innate Chiropractic services, active families see a huge difference in their ability to perform, energy levels and overall well-being. Using advanced technology, we are not only identifying the problem but providing long term solutions leading to a healthier lifestyle.


At Innate Health and Wellness, we use supplements that are only available to healthcare practitioners, to ensure safety and potency. In our office we use the following brands:


  • Standard Process
  • MediHerb
  • Researched Nutritionals
  • Orthomolecular
  • Designs for Health
  • Biocidin
  • Lauricidin 
  • DC Labs
  • And more!!
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Start your path to living a healthy life!

If you are ready to say YES to a better life, schedule a consult with Dr. Hagan today!

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